Curriculum Vitae is a 6 minutes long documentary like video made for an exhibition

ART SPORT in 2013 to the Museum of Sport in Helsinki.

The exhibition had an aim to reflect the museum as a contemporary institution.

But I went William Blake. ( Such, such, were the joys, When we all, girls and boys, In our youth time were seen, On the echoing green… etc.)

In the video A 79-years old man is doing his daily morning-exercise at home

in a room which seems to be his home-office.

As a contrast to the objects, pictures and clothes that narrate the

accomplishments of competitive sports, I wanted very simply to place into the Museum

of Sports a moving image of a living body, that contemplates daily exercise.

Curricilum Vitae can loosely be transalated as ‘the course of life’, and

it comes from the latin words ‘Currere’ which means to run or to

proceed and ‘Vitae’, life.

Curriculum Vitae 6min.

Videossa 79-vuotias mies tekee päivittäistä aamuvoimisteluaan.

Kontrastina Urheilumuseossa näytillä oleville huippu-urheilun

tuloksista kertoville esineille, kuville ja vaatteille, halusin

tuoda museoon liikkuvaa kuvaa, joka keskittyy jokapäiväiseen

liikunnan harjoitukseen ja elävään kehoon dokumentaarisesta näkökulmasta.

Curriculum Vitae, eli ‘elämän kurssi’ johtaa latinan kielen sanoista

‘Currere’ eli juosta tai edetä ja ‘vitae’ eli elämä.


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