Ensimmäinen Huone / 1st Room 2012

Ensimmäinen huone / 1st Room
12.12.12.-16.12.12 Taiteen Vaihtolava Helsinki

A spatial narrative with many beginnings, middles and endings.

Fragments coming together.
Although chaotic and  overwhelming, there’s an inner logic to it.
This kind of practice has to do with the present time and existing in it. And it must have something to do with being a human. It is a state of mind, emotion and body.

Overwhelment, sorrow, poverty, surreal, dada, hope, revealing of the unfinished, uncertain, and shameful, a new beginning, an attempt towards togetherness..

The components of the 1st Room were sound, light, a set-design inspired installing of private furniture and cloth, various different sculptural objects and paintings and my presence.

Soundtrack that dominated the space was a song I put together whistling in empty bottles at home, in a very small apartment on the same street as the exhibition.
It had to do with an unidentified possibly hybrid whale individual, who can not communicate with any other whales due to it’s voice resonating in different frequencies (52 herz) than all the other whales.

It created an ambient, that separated the inner space of the installation completely from the outside, allthough the space was very public and reachable to the eye through big windows from a busy street.

A pillarlike instrument of those empty beer- and wine bottles
was also placed in the room next to a bed.

Cutting and folding

Everything that had came in from my mail-slot during autumn 2012 turned in to pieces of this installation – bills, letters with bureacratical means,adds etc.
I cut them  into paper snowflakes and folded  little origami animals of them. From my old sentimental clothes I sewed a big soft whale like creature, ‘Darling’, a true mutant.
During a few months every morning and evening I had also painted small scale ink paintings with a repetitive motive (Broken pottery-heads).


An area of heavy black cloth used in theatres covered
a big part of the room, and embedded into it were black objects (sunglasses, an african fetish, an ashtray, a mug,scissors..) from my home. On the wall was a perfectly black
and round accident – formerly known as a frozen pizza (Carbon). Miniature sculptures ‘Weaker substance’ were made from small garbage that I found from my studio.

I spent my time there during the exhibition and offered
coffee, tea and chocolate to the confused visitors.



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